Delegating: What Everyone Gets Wrong About One of Leadership’s Open Secrets

Overhead costs can add up to significant amounts over time. Balancing your expenses can be one way to save time and money.

No one can do it all themselves, and being a great leader means recognizing your own shortcomings. You are in charge of a project and the resources you need to complete it. Are you utilizing everything you need to find success? Remember, it’s not just your shoulders but the entire project is at stake. Learning to delegate is the open secret to success but few people truly understand how to leverage it effectively.

Doing More with Less

One of the best things a leader can do for the organization is to learn to recognize his own strengths. This often means a clear understanding of what you’re best at and prioritizing that work. Delegation then becomes an exercise in pairing those best suited to tasks with the challenges they can accomplish well.

Delegation therefore involves understanding. You need to be in touch with your team and your resources, so you never over extend or find yourself stuck with the wrong course of action.

Commitment is Key

Delegation is not a set and forget action. You need to consider the follow through of the work you’re tasking others to complete. Deadlines play an important role in establishing that commitment, but they must be realistic in nature. Instant delivery expectations lead to crunch, a failure in management.

Structure your milestones to allow for the time your team needs to do its work properly.

Delegate with Purpose

Now that you understand how to delegate with purpose, go and get the job done!

Digital Marketing Ideas to Improve Sales for Smartphone Users

Mobile websites are often viewed on the go and on smaller screens. But users love surfing the web on their phones so your website will need high tech visual content. These include videos and infographics. Sites with lengthy text should be avoided. Javier Loya CEO of OTC Global Holdings shares a few more ideas and tips below.

Over 80% of all consumers search online before making a purchase. These searches are no longer taking place on a home computer. Consumers are searching on their Smartphones, making it critical for your web site to be easy to navigate on a Smartphone.

These days everyone seems to be searching for the Key or the secret to successful digital marketing. This is a broad field that can encompass everything from using social media sites to writing regular articles for your company’s blog.

Though there are amazing opportunities out there for business owners, it can be difficult to know where to begin. This is because these opportunities are so profitable that so many have thrown their hat into this ring. The field of digital marketing might be compared to the California Gold Rush or the discovery of oil in Texas. Thousands of people became millionaires, but some just went home dirty, tired and with empty pockets.

Javier Loya has one final tip: “Look for a great marketing firm that can personalize their services to fit your needs and budget. It’s important that you obtain a bit of education, knowledge and understanding of this field so you’ll know what to expect.”